About us

Our company is concentrated to designing, supplies, consultancy and customer service in the sphere of variable speed drives and the power electronic. We are able to help you with the right solutions of your drive in a lot of industry and other spheres:

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  • metallurgical, machine and chemical industry,
  • water systems and sewerage plants,
  • power plant and heating plant,
  • saw mills, wood-using industry,
  • food-stuff industry,
  • air conditioning applications.

We are focused on great support of our customers:

  • deliveries of frequency inverters, softstarters, shaft power monitors, controllers, resistors and other equipments,
  • complex services in variable speed drives area,
  • technical advice and consultations,
  • immediately warranty and after warranty service.

We are specialized for using the frequency inverters on the crane drives and lifting drives and crane drives synchronization.