Frequency inverters DSV15/DSV35 for dynamic drives of smaller power

Compact, ideal for drives of cranes and lifting mechanisms

New frequency inverters Emotron DSV15 and DSV35 exceed in high functionality despite their small size. New inverters offer wide range of options, which ensures their wide flexibility in all aspects. It is really easy to adapt their functions to the specific requirements of any application.

The compact size enables a wide range of installation and user-friendly menu moves your system to the higher level!

Inverters Emotron DSV15 and DSV35 offer thanks to their dynamic properties reliable and efficient operation of demanding crane drives including drives of lifting and lifting mechanisms.

Thanks to its dynamic properties Emotron DSV15 and DSV35 offer reliable and efficient operation of demanding crane and lift applications. New inverters are equipped with braking electronics as standard (braking resistor is offered as option).

It is available a large selection of accessories, such as communication borderline, USB or WiFi module for communication with PC or smart phone (Android, iOS), PTC card, Safe Stop (STO), crane interface CI-230VAC etc.

The complete series of new inverters covers motors in power range from 0,25 kW to 7,5 kW, voltage 1×230 VAC and 3×400 VAC.

For more information see section „Products – Frequency inverters“.


Frequency inverters Emotron VS10/VS30 – optimized for small powers

New frequency inverters Emotron VS10 and VS30 are equipped with several advanced features despite their small size. It guarantees a high degree of flexibility.

Functionality can be easily adapted to your specific application requirement.

The compact size offers flexible installation and user-friendly set up moves your system to the higher level!

Drives with inverters Emotron VS10 and VS30 offer reliable, cost-efficientand effective operation of your pumps, fans and compressors as well as constant torque applications such as conveyors.

The complete series is available for motors in the power range from 0,25 kW to 2,2 kW for voltage 1×230 VAC and from 0,37 kW to 7,5 kW for voltage 3×400 VAC.

For more information see section „Products – Frequency inverters“.


New dynamic drives for low power AC motors 0,75 - 15 kW

Emotron VFX/FDU 2.0 - 2Y
0,75 - 15 kW / 3×230-480V, U/f or vector control

These AC drives are as standard equipped with built in brake chopper, connection for DC+/DC-and EMC filter class C3. A detachable multi-language control panel is included in the device as well. Following languages are supported in the control panel: English, Swedish, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Czech and Turkish. Dynamic drives are equipped IP20with coated boards, this increases the resistance against dust and moisture. For other features see list of available options below.

For more information see section "Product - Frequency inverters"


New series of powerful softstarters Emotron TSA from CG

Softstarters Emotron TSA determine a new level in motor control. Soft torque starting, intelligent load monitoring and smart stops are all included and accompanied by a robust and compact design. By developing the Emotron TSA range of electronic softstarters CG has taken a major step towards the ideal motor controller for applications where variable speed is not required. You simply get everything except variable speed!

Integrated by-pass contactor

To enable lowest possible energy consumption Emotron TSA softstarters are equipped with an integrated by-pass contactor. The Emotron TSA line hereby complements well established fully solid-state softstarters Emotron MSF.

The used types of by-pass contactors have been selected the best and most reliable on the basis of a thorough evaluation tests, exams and structural controls of various types and contactors designs.

The finally chosen contactors are able to handle repeated switching in harsh environment and fulfill the need for a safe and robust control.

3-phase torque control

Most AC asynchronous or induction motors used in industry carry three electrical phases. Adjusting the motor torque is best done by controlling the current in all three phases. 3-phase control offers symmetrical and balanced currents without the drawbacks of additional energy losses, noise and vibration normally connected with 2-phase softstarters. Emotron TSA softstarters incorporate 3-phase control together with sophisticated algorithms for torque control. Conventional softstarters use only a pre-defined voltage ramp to control the start. With Emotron TSA, the actual motor torque is continuously calculated and controlled according to the application requirements. This torque control ensures an ultra-smooth start with constant acceleration. The torque control means the starting current is reduced even further by up to 30%. You can use smaller fuses and less expensive cables, and will thus benefit from lower installation and energy costs. The smooth starts also lead to less mechanical stress, improved process control and reduced maintenance costs.

Coated boards

When used in harsh environment the lifetime of electric equipment might be on risk due to exposure to airborne aggressive substances. To improve the ability of the softstarters to withstand tough conditions the Emotron TSA units have circuit boards with conformal coating according to IEC 61721-3-3, 3C3 as standard.

For more information see section „Products – Softstarters“.


Emotron is now CG


Already on sale ...

The new frequency inverters Emotron VFX and Emotron FDU type series D are already on sale. Inverters have rated current 60A and 74A for voltage 3×400VAC and 3×500VAC. 

This new series "D" replaces the previous model range "X2" and concludes a complete product line of inverters FDU and VFX generation 2.0. Actual catalogue with technical data, detailed descriptions of inverters and all additional cards as well as description of the equipment is available in the section "Downloads".

All inverters 2.0 generation are equipped with an alphanumeric display with the menu in Czech language!


Frequency inverters of new generation series FDU/VFX 2.0

Swedish supplier and producer of frequency inverters Emotron comes to the market with inverters of new generation series FDU/VFX 2.0.

Inverters offer many new functions and hardware modifications, which

guarantees safe and reliable operation, easier manipulation and thus increases the protection against damage and downtime.

Emotron FDU 2.0 are specially designed for pressure control and flow control in applications with pump, fans, blowers and compressors.

Emotron VFX 2.0 are designed for dynamic applications such as cranes, crushers, mills etc.

You can find more information about frequency inverters on product sites EMOTRON FDU 2.0 and EMOTRON VFX 2.0.

  • Display data of the technological process
  • IP54 to power 132kW will make your installation easier and cheaper
  • Effective motor protection
  • The removable control panel with copy function
  • Load monitoring in all speed range
  • Detailed error messages make easier to identify faults
  • Half-size box with IP54
  • Effective control with automatic tuning
  • The virtual inputs and logic functions
  • Tilting mechanism for easy access
  • Controlled increase for safe start
  • Flexible power cable connection
  • Sleep mode saves energy

Shaft power monitors EMOTRON M20

The EMOTRON M20 shaft power monitor protects your pumps and other equipment against damage and downtime. Early warnings allow for preventive action, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing reliability. Using the motor as a sensor also reduces installation costs.

Emotron M20 is direct successor of EL-FI M20.

Emotron M20 offers:

  • unique shaft power monitoring
  • high accuracy with scalable output signal
  • enter your settings in three seconds
  • low-cost installation and zero maintenance

More about EMOTRON M20

Adobe Reader Shaft power monitors EMOTRON M20 – product datasheet