Frequency Inverters EMOTRON DSV15 / DSV35

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New frequency inverters Emotron DSV15 and DSV35 exceed in high functionality despite their small size. New inverters offer wide range of options, which ensures their wide flexibility in all aspects. It is really easy to adapt their functions to the specific requirements of any application. The compact size enables a wide range of installation and user-friendly menu moves your system to the higher level!

Thanks to its dynamic properties Emotron DSV15 and DSV35 offer reliable and efficient operation of demanding crane and lift applications. New inverters are equipped with braking electronics as standard (braking resistor is offered as option). It is available a large selection of accessories, such as communication borderline, USB or WiFi module for communication with PC or smart phone (Android, iOS), PTC card, Safe Stop (STO), crane interface CI�230VAC etc.

The complete series of new inverters covers motors in power range from 0,25 kW to 22 kW, voltage 1×230 VAC and 3×400 VAC.

Documents to download

Adobe Reader Emotron DSV Prospekt r2022-01 CZ_web.pdf,  9. 2. 2022,  1.27 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV Prospekt r2018-11 EN_web.pdf,  30. 11. 2018,  1.37 MB

Adobe Reader Emotron DSV Manual sw4 EN_web.pdf,  5. 4. 2018,  9.70 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV Manual sw5 EN_web.pdf,  5. 4. 2018,  11.56 MB

Adobe Reader Emotron DSV Control unit mounting EN.pdf,  5. 4. 2018,  0.71 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV CRIO Interface r1_CZ.pdf,  16. 5. 2022,  0.98 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV-VS Diagnosemodule r2 EN.pdf,  5. 4. 2018,  0.49 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV-VS Error codes_Prehled poruch_sw4.pdf,  5. 4. 2018,  0.18 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV-VS Error codes_Prehled poruch_sw5.pdf,  5. 4. 2018,  1.00 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV-VS Prehled dulezitych parametru_sw5_2 CZ.pdf,  30. 11. 2018,  0.15 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV-VS Pruvodce rychlym nastavenim CZ.pdf,  5. 4. 2018,  0.69 MB
Adobe Reader Emotron DSV-VS Quick Reference r0 EN.pdf,  5. 4. 2018,  0.19 MB