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EMOTRON FDU 2.1 and 2.0

EMOTRON FDU 2.1 and 2.0 variable speed drive optimizes the operation of your pumps, fans, compressors and blowers. Your process is protected from damage and downtime, and you will benefit from reduced installation, energy and maintenance costs.

A number of options let you customize the EMOTRON FDU 2.1 and 2.0 functionality and fully utilize the product according to your needs. Four different options can be combined.

Protection from damage and downtime

Soft starts and stops protect your equipment. Reduced start currents result in smaller fuses, cables and energy bills. Controlled stops eliminate the risk of water hammer and other costly damage.
A built-in shaft power monitor and a unique Load Curve Protection function protect your process by immediately detecting any situation that could cause inefficiency or damage. Early warnings and safety stops allow preventive action.

Energy savings and optimized operation

EMOTRON FDU regulates flow and pressure by continuously adapting motor speed. No energy wasted and no unnecessary equipment wear. A sleep function further reduces energy consumption by pausing the motor when it is not needed to be run.
An automatic pump rinsing function increases efficiency. The pump is set to run at full speed with certain intervals or a certain time at start-up to rinse out sludge.
Multiple pump or compressor control is a reliable and cost-efficient method of keeping a constant flow or pressure despite varying demands. EMOTRON FDU controls up to seven drives.

User-friendly and reliable operation

Operation parameters can be set in your own process units – m3/min, bar, Pascal etc. – making monitoring easier and more reliable. The removable control panel has a copy function for transferring settings to other FDU units. You can switch between local and remote control by the push of a key on the control panel. The virtual connection of logical functions, comparators and timers means no cables or external I/Os are required.

Cost-efficient and flexible installation

The compact standalone 2.5-250 A units are IP54 classified. The robust steel construction can be installed close to the application, which saves the cost of cabinets and long motor cables. The 300-1,500 A units can be mounted in compact EMOTRON-designed IP54 cabinets.

Simplified maintenance

Should a process problem occur a full status report will be generated. You can quickly identify the cause and take corrective measures. Maintenance is simplified thanks to a minimum of easy accessible mechanical parts and fold-out power modules.

Multiple pump or compressor control

Up to three I/O boards can be connected. This opens for multiple control of up to seven pumps or compressors without PLCs or other equipment.


Communication options include fieldbus communication via Profibus, DeviceNet and Ethernet, and serial communication via RS232, RS485 and Modbus.

Motor protection

PTC and PT100 sensors can be connected to control motor temperature and give process feedback without using a transmitter.


An encoder can be connected for more accurate speed control, for example in dosing pump applications.

Safety stop

This option card offers protection from unexpected start during mechanical maintenance, in accordance to the EN954-1 Category 3 standard. No contactor is required.

Liquid cooling

Units from 90 A can be provided with liquid cooling. This allows you to reduce operating and maintenance costs, and the cabinet can have a protection class higher than IP54.

EMC protection

A 1st environment EMC filter is available as a factory-mounted option.

Reduced harmonic distortions

A 12-pulse rectifier offers a cost-efficient reduction of harmonic current distortions. It reduces power losses in equipment such as transformers and conductors, and eliminates the need to over-dimension these components.

Standby supply

Makes it possible to supply the control circuits via an external 24 V AC/DC supply to maintain communication and set up the system when 3-phase mains is not connected. Provides communication backup if 3-phase main power supply fails.


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